Stakeholders at the CBIT II Project Document Validation Workshop at the Royal Suites Hotel, Bugolobi. (Seated: L-R) Dr. Robert Nabanyumya, Lead Consultant-Green Approaches Limited, CI-GEF’s Ms. Laureen Cheruiyot, AfrII CEO-Prof. G.W. Otim-Nape and the Assistant Commissioner-MWE, Mr. Bob Natifu.

15th September 2023 The Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency Phase Two Project (CBIT II) document validation workshop that took place at the Royal Suites Hotel attracted over 50 key climate change actors. Prior, a series of engagements were held with these actors from the Government, key emitting sectors, CSOs, and Academia for stakeholder feedback and to provide further information to the CBIT II project document development. Consultants from Green Approaches Limited (GAL) were contracted to prepare and lead the CBIT II document development process. All meetings held were organized by AfrII and the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE).

Today we deliberate on what we believe is a good proposal that will lead Uganda to quality country reporting in fulfillment of our commitment to the Paris Agreement,” said AfrII CEO Prof. G.W. Otim Nape while addressing the workshop participants. He urged the stakeholders present to keenly critique what will be presented, and enrich it for a successful CBIT II project implementation.”

AfrII CEO / Chairman addresses stakeholders during the CBIT II Project document Validation Workshop

Prof. Otim-Nape further noted “CBIT I was a special project because implementation happened during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The project was implemented with passion and innovation to successfully deliver amid the pandemic. It is this innovation that largely led to CBIT I’s success.” He added, “I commend the CBIT I team from AfrII and the Ministry of Water and Environment for the innovations devised to counter the challenges presented by COVID-19 leading to the successes achieved then.” Prof. Otim-Nape further echoed that CBIT II will largely focus on pushing Uganda from current tier reporting to higher tier reporting for Uganda to meet her country’s contributions towards climate action. He concluded his remarks with a vote of thanks. “I want to thank the CI-GEF for providing the support and funding required for the successful implementation of CBIT I and for expressing the same commitment to further provide funding for CBIT II. I also want to thank the consultants from Green Approaches Limited (GAL) for their efforts to put together a clearly thought-out winning proposal document”

Meanwhile, on behalf of the Government, and in his remarks to officially declare the workshop open, the Assistant Commissioner at the Ministry of Water and Environment, Mr. Bob Natifu, urged the stakeholders to shape the project document and proudly own it as vital players in climate action, and take Uganda to where it wants to go in regard to reporting on GHG emissions and related climate action agendas.

 in a speech to officially open the workshop, He appealed to the stakeholders to embrace urgent actions on reducing emissions as they are vital players in climate action. He made the remarks/speech to officially open the workshops. while declaring the official kick-off of the workshop.

Speaking on behalf of the funding agency, CI-GEF’s, Ms. Laureen Cheruiyot assured participants that the agency is readily committed to further supporting Uganda’s efforts to meet her national commitments on tracking and reporting on GHG emissions in contribution to global climate action.

The Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT I) project (2018-2020) was funded by the Global Environment Facility through Conservation International and implemented by AfrII and the Ministry of Water and Environment’s Climate Change Department (CCD). CBIT II aims to build on the successes of CBIT I.