Farmers ask NARO for disease-resistant stems

Cassava farmers in Nakasongola district have asked the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) to provide them with cassava stems  resistant to the cassava brown streak disease.

The district production officer, Dr. Gerald Kitaka, said most cassava gardens have been affected and this is increasing food insecurity in the district.

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Rice farmers tipped on fertiliser use

Combining different types of fertilisers will increase rice production and its nutritional content in rice growing areas in Uganda, researchers have said

According to researchers, This will reduce malnutrition and and enhance food security.

This is one of the innovations that researchers at the Africa Innovations Institute (AfrII) are promoting in the rice-growing areas of Doho in Butaleja and Kibimba in Bugiri district

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Government asked to promote innovations in farming to fight climate change

Government has been asked to increase the promotion of innovations and technologies in agriculture to address the challenge of food security as effects of climate change continue to manifest in agriculture.

The call was made by the chairman of the Africa Innovations Institute(AfrII), Prof George William Otim Nape, during a press conference.

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Awakening the world's sleeping giant: My journey with Cassava

Born in Kole district, Northern Uganda, Professor Otim-Nape is one of Africa’s leading agricultural development experts. He has devoted most of his career and life for the development of cassava, a crop about which he talks with zeal and passion. He is greatly remembered for “solving the problem of cassava mosaic disease that nearly brought the crop to extinction” (Rotary International Vocational Award (1999-2000). Prof OtimNape
has received many national and international awards including Science Excellence Award presented in 2008 by HE Y.K Museveni, the President of Uganda; Lifetime Achievemnt Award; and Outstanding Research Leadership Award, among others. On 5th April 2016, Professor Otim-Nape was a special guest of the International Funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy. His mission was to: “change the world’s perception that cassava is a poor man’s food”, and to do this in a 12 minutes inspiring and thought provoking  talk that was televised and recorded in front of a live studio audience of Ambassadors, senior government officials and staff from UN agencies. The full version of the talk is reproduced below. A live version of the talk shall be available at: HYPERLINK

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New study of Uganda soils begins

Experts have commenced a new study of Uganda soils to develop a National Soil Atlas to map areas where various agricultural activities can be favorably carried out in order to promote sustainable agriculture.
The study is being carried out under the Vital Signs project, a scientific, tested monitoring system that provides integrated data and tools.

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Government to promote cassava as an alternative to wheat and barley

The hope is that a shift to cassava will increase the market for the locally grown cassava and also reduce import costs on the part of the manufacturer.
This was revealed by the director Crop Resources at the ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries (MAAIF) Opolot Okasaai in a recent meeting on the Cassava Two (CAVAII) at Silver Springs hotel in Kampala.

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Awoja wetland project launched

The Water and Environment Ministry in conjunction with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have launched a four-year project aimed at managing the Awoja wetland system in Teso sub-region

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Can wetlands, Agriculture co-exist?

Initially, human settlements primarily occurred in fertile areas along rivers and
from the early beginning of agricultural activities, riverine wetlands have been
recognised as valuable land areas for food and fodder production, because
they have fertile soils.

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One man's passion leads to change in community

Anthony Arukol’s passion for growing different types of trees and encouraging others to do the same is leading to a change in his community. The benefits include better fodder for cattle and income generation through sale of seedlings.

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Prof. George Nape Pioneer fighter against the cassava mosaic

In 1988, Professor George Nape got a directive from the agriculture ministry to research about a strange disease that had devastated cassava plantations in most parts of Buganda, including Luweero. Nape set up a team of researchers from Serere Research Station, in Serere district, to establish the extent of the damage. Their discovery showed that the disease, cassava blight, had destroyed large hectares of land.

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