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The visiting team including Mrs. Grace Mahende the Country Manager CAVA II Tanzania and Mrs. Mahava Rhoda, the Lake Zonal Coordinator CAVA II Tanzania sat with the Uganda team in a brief meeting earlier today to share a few experiences on operations of the CAVA II Project activities in the two countries.

‘We want to learn from Uganda’s experience with the flash drying technology so as to be able to foresee how to handle challenges that may come with the new technology once we also have it up and running in Tanzania’ hinted Mrs. Mahende Grace, the Country Manager CAVA II Tanzania.

The flash drying investments are under the CAVA II project that is being implemented in Uganda by the Africa Innovations Institute (AfrII.

The CAVA II Tanzania team will be visiting Windwood Millers Limited, the Flash Dryer Factory in Lira District and will also tour cassava farms within Lira to learn what and How Uganda is doing it to sustain fresh cassava root supply.

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