The Cassava Growth Markets Project (GMARKETS)

Donor:  European Union through NRI-University of Greenwich, UK.

Duration: 2012- 2016

Introduction. The Cassava GMarkets project started in 2012. The overall results were focused on improvements to HQCF and related product value chains enabling small-holder farmers to benefit from improved market for their produce.  AfrII has conducted an assessment of the impacts of climate change on cassava value chains; initiated studies on impact of cassava brown streak disease on yield and quality of HQCF. Experiments have also started on improvements in processing and drying technologies and on improving quality of HQCF. The project aimed to:

  • To assess the impact of climate change on cassava flour value chains.
  • To understand the impact of cassava brown streak disease on volume and quality of HQCF and products.
  • To develop specific technologies to improve the efficiency of households, community and SME level processing.
  • To ensure the safety and quality of processed cassava products in market-oriented production.
  • To expand the range of uses of HQCF and related products to meet identified market demands.
  • To maximize the gender and livelihood impacts of cassava value chain development.
  • To establish, document and disseminate best practices.
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