Capacity and Institutional Development Programme

This Programme supports national and regional organizations, programmes and institutions to develop their individual, organizational and societal capacities for implementation and sustainable management of selected development programmes, commodities, pests and disease situations. Under this programme, three projects are carried out;

  1. Enhancing the Science, Technology and innovation Capacity of Root and Tuber Cops in ACP countries

To strengthen the science, technology and innovation capacity of ACP countries to use tropical root and tuber crops to contribute to a wide range of development issues within the context of local needs and resources.

  1. Building Science and Innovations in Sustainable Management of Infectious Diseases in Eastern and Central Africa

This contributed to increased agricultural production and food security in East Africa through creating an enabling environment, strengthening and utilizing human and institutional capacity for sustainable management of crops and livestock diseases in Eastern and Central Africa.

  1. Support to the Implementation of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP)

Through this programme AfrII staff has been able to support a number of countries and organizations in Eastern and Southern Africa such as Swaziland, South Sudan, ASARECA and NEPAD to review and strengthen their agricultural sector strategies and plans. Increased availability of fuel wood, poles and other agro forestry products in schools and homesteads in five sub countries in Kole district.

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