Thursday 17 th August 2023- After her day’s farming activities that include digging and tending to her livestock, prominent CAVA-supported farmer, Mrs. Zaituna Amuge Emutu, enjoys an afternoon chill and chats with a fellow farmer at her home compound in Bukedea district, Eastern Uganda. Zaituna is the Chairperson of the Popular Knowledge Women Initiative (P’KWI) farmer group that was discovered back in 2005 by the CAVA project that supported and trained them in the processing of High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF), baking, and extensive cassava production. The CAVA Project reached and benefitted over one million farmers (1M), many of these being women and youth from Central, Eastern and Northern Uganda.

Zaituna merrily tends to her cattle on her farm home in Bukedea District, Eastern Uganda

AfrII extends a vote of gratitude to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for funds provided to ensure the effective and smooth implementation of the CAVA Project. We also extend a vote of appreciation to the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich through whom the funds were provided. Lastly, we also recognize the efforts of fellow implementing countries, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, and Malawi for the impact recorded on CAVA interventions at the country level.